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Valvetronic Designs

Truck/SUV Valved Muffler Kit

Truck/SUV Valved Muffler Kit

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Do your neighbors despise your cold start in the morning? Do the police give you a hard time because your car is loud? Does your significant other hate riding in your vehicle because the drone is too loud? Maybe you just want to make your vehicle a bit louder with the option to make it sound docile without compromising. Then the Valvetronic Designs Truck/SUV Muffler Kit is the perfect solution for you. Loud when you want, quiet when you need to be, all at the touch of a button! 

Welcome to a sound revelation for all truck/SUV enthusiasts. At Valvetronic Designs, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy incredible exhaust sound sound and have the flexibility to choose when that sound is experienced. Any truck or SUV should have that perfect sound, and it is a vital part of the vehicle's experience. Many of these vehicles have great powertrains, but from the factory, they are left wheezing as they pass by. The ability to choose when your truck is loud or quiet is crucial.

Unlike traditional exhaust systems, our product not only improves the sound of a vehicle’s exhaust, but also allows the driver to revert back to stock sound at a moment’s notice. Our exhausts allow for the driver the freedom to enjoy their vehicle when the opportunity is right, and switch to stock-like sound when the family is in the car, or when they do not want to bother their neighbors.

For those who enjoy hitting the trails, Valvetronic Design’s truck mufflers are a more flexible exhaust for less. Allowing drone free road trips, yet exciting off-roading experiences.

For those who enjoy the sporty versions of their family SUV, Valvetronic Designs’ Valved Muffler kits allow for high performance trucks to sound sporty and aggressive when the driver wants to have a more exciting drive experience, but also allow for a drone-free daily driving experience. 

We have developed the Truck/SUV valved muffler to be the perfect application for trucks and SUVs to give great power and performance and ultimate flexibility. Whether your truck is your daily vehicle or your building a pre-runner to tackle the dunes, this flexible exhaust solution allows you to have that perfect sound when you want to hear your vehicle sing and a quiet experience when the sound must be kept to a minimum. At Valvetronic Designs, we do not believe in compromising, and neither should you when it comes to choosing the best exhaust system for your truck.

Key Developments:

This product development was procured from a need to offer a valved experience to all vehicles. Our mufflers give a far more dynamic experience than any other option on the market. Quality is of the utmost importance. Our chambered muffler configuration allows for a quiet, docile experience when the valves are closed. Additionally, an internal resonance chamber is built into the muffler to help remove unrefined frequencies from the exhaust. This means you get only raw sound and no unwanted frequencies inside the cabin. 

Valvetronic Vs. The Competition:

Stemming from the key developments of the product there are many reasons individuals from around the world utilize the Valvetronic Designs universal muffler kit. Compared to a traditional exhaust cut out this product offers a much safer and more dynamic experience. Exhaust cutouts have the tendency to rust, break prematurely and release harmful gases and heat underneath the center of the vehicle which is very dangerous. This could lead to premature wear of suspension and other components or possibly worse. Valvetronic mufflers are designed to be used throughout the exhaust system and offer a safer experience. Additionally, the utilization of vacuum exhaust valves ensures that this kit will last and you will not have problems with electronic component failure like most of the competition. In our developments, we do not compromise and neither should you.

Here is how it works:

Mufflers come with a vacuum control box and vacuum line allowing for an easy install. The mufflers install just like any muffler but plug in the valves with the supplied vacuum tubing and BOOM! you can now control your car's sound on the fly. In the past, this technology was reserved for supercars but not anymore.  


Features of this Valved Muffler Kit *

  • Constructed from the highest quality T304 Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum exhaust valves with key fob remote system 
  • Universal fit (many applications)
  • Precision tig welds for high strength and ultimate longevity
  • Easy install at your local exhaust shop or fabrication shop
  • 100% REVERSABLE, always able to go back to stock at any time


*All the muffler dimensions are shown in the picture so you can measure and confirm fitment* 


Valved mufflers

  • Either 1 or 2 mufflers as ordered

Vacuum Control box

  • This control box operates the valves internally, creating vacuum that opens and closes the valves on command

Vacuum Lines

  • Vacuum tubing is supplied to connect the vacuum box to the mufflers 

Cigarette lighter power adaptor 

  • In order to connect the vacuum box to power a cigarette lighter adaptor is supplied, adaptor consists of power and ground wires and can be easily hardwired 

Single Keyed Remote

  • RF signal able to be programmed into vehicle garage door openers for fast & easy access of your valves at the touch of a button

Exhaust Tips

  • Optional Valvetronic Designs tips are available to order alongside your kit
  • Chrome, Burnt, & Black tips are only available with a 2.5" Inlet
  • When ordered with carbon tips; kit will ship with respective inlet sizes
    • Example: If you order a 3" kit with two Forged Carbon tips, they will arrive as 3" to 4" tips




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