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Porsche GT3 991.1 / 991.2 Valved Sport Exhaust System

Porsche GT3 991.1 / 991.2 Valved Sport Exhaust System

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This system is truly unparalleled in sound quality. in the quest for the most incredible, highest pitch and most enjoyable sound characteristic possible, our last year and a half of research and development has led us to a sound experience that must be hurt in person to be believed. For the 991 generation of the GT3 The DFI engine was chosen in favor of the Mezger and many people were afraid that it would lose its classic sand characteristics but Porsche delivered, as always with a 9000 RPM 3.8 and 4 L flat-six that had an incredible sound symphony from the factory, but as we know factory sound though leaves a lot to be desired in regards to rawness and that elusive F1 Experience. We have designed the system to run 2.5 inches all the way back and to utilize our large stamped cross-section X pipe to engage that F1 sound and the added loop sections to increase the length of the exhaust and or to accentuate the F1 sound. Combine with a set of three flow headers this is as good as cars get.


  • 2014 - 2019 Porsche 991 GT3
  • 2016 - 2019 Porsche 991 GT3 RS


Sound Dynamics:

This system was designed to emulate the RSR racecar sound. With the valves open it is truly a remarkable sound experience with aggressive flames on the shifts. The excitement builds as the revs climb peaking at that 9000 RPM redline. With the valves closed the sound experience is minimized allowing for a more relaxed experience suitable for motorway journeys. No drone in the cabin with the valves open or closed

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