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N54 Accessory Drive Belt Kit

N54 Accessory Drive Belt Kit

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Complete drive belt kit composed of Contitech serpentine belt, INA automatic belt tensioner assembly, and INA idler pulley's

Your BMW's drive belt system is important for numerous reasons. The primary purpose of drive belts is to "drive" the accessories which makes your vehicle run and function properly. The N54 engine only uses one serpentine belt but that one serpentine belt is responsible for driving the alternator, power steering pump, and A/C compressor.

The drive belt is not the only component of the drive belt system that's critical. The tensioner dampers and pulleys all play a roll in keeping the drive belts properly tensioned and guided under all engine loads. Belts can stretch with higher engine loads and the tensioners and pulleys must maintain proper tension on the belts or they can fall off resulting in serious problems. These components also have a service life and should be replaced as needed.

This comprehensive kit from TheBimmerClubLA is designed to service the entire drive belt system in one service. It includes OE Contitech drive belts and all OE INA pulleys/tensioner to ensure a long service life.

Please note: The belt tensioner comes with its own encapsulated bolt and is torqued to 40nm (~29 ft lbs) of torque. The 80mm and 90mm idler pulley both include M10x40 encapsulated mounting botls which are torque to 38Nm (~28 ft lbs) of torque.

This Kit Includes:

Qty Part SKU Brand
1 Serpentine Belt CON-7K1855 Continental logo
1 Drive Belt Idler Assembly INA-5320515100 Ina logo
1 Drive Belt Idler Assembly INA-5320514100 Ina logo
1 Pulley Bolt Cover BMW-11281435114 Genuine bmw
1 Automatic Belt Tensioner Assembly INA-5340253100 Ina logo

Fits These Cars:

BMW 335i



BMW 135i


BMW 335is


BMW 1 Series M


BMW 135is


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