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F8x S55 Ignition Service Kit

F8x S55 Ignition Service Kit

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This Kit Includes


Direct Ignition Coil


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Spark Plug


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Spark plugs and ignition coils are a pretty common overlooked item. This occurs because the components are out of sight, out of mind so to speak: that is until your engine starts to have misfire codes. Spark plugs wear out over thousands of ignition cycles. The wear results in misfires and poor ignition performance because the gap between the center electrode and ground electrode becomes too big. Once this occurs with a spark plug it will need to be replaced. Ignition coils provide the energy required for the spark plug to ignite the fuel mixtures. Over countless thousands of ignition cycles the ignition coils will wear out. We typically see ignition coil boots wear out causing poor insulation between the spark plug and coil. 

**Installation tips:**

When installing spark plugs on the S55 engine BMW recommends cleaning the spark plug tubes with compressed air before removing the spark plugs first. 

When removing the spark plugs you must use a special tool with an extension joint. (14mm 12 Point Spark Plug Socket) 

To install the new spark plugs use to thread the spark plugs into the cylinder head until hand tight. use a special tool with an extension joint. (14mm 12 Point Spark Plug Socket) and then torque spark plugs to 23 3 Nm (~17 ft lbs) of torque. 

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