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F30 / F31 - F8x Style Grilles

F30 / F31 - F8x Style Grilles

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Enhance the front-end aesthetics of your BMW 3 Series F30 4-door sedan or F31 5-door wagon with The Bimmer Club's F30 / F31 - F8x Style Grilles in Gloss Black. Elevate your vehicle's exterior appearance with these meticulously crafted grilles designed to seamlessly integrate with the original car styling.

Perfect Fit:
These F8x Style F30 Grilles are specifically tailored to fit BMW 3 Series F30 4-door sedans and F31 5-door wagons, ensuring a flawless match with the original car design.

Easy Installation:
Enjoy a hassle-free installation process as these grilles are designed to be easily inserted and installed within minutes. No modifications are required, allowing you to effortlessly upgrade your vehicle's front-end appearance.

Premium ABS Material:
Crafted from high-quality ABS material, these grilles boast a glossy black texture that not only adds a touch of sophistication but also ensures long-lasting durability. The material is wear-resistant and non-fading, maintaining a fresh and stylish look over time.

Instant Style Upgrade:
Transform the front grille of your BMW 3 Series, giving it a more aggressive and modern appearance. The gloss black finish adds a subtle yet impactful touch to elevate your vehicle's overall aesthetic.

Upgrade your BMW 3 Series F30 or F31 with The Bimmer Club's F8x Style F30 Grilles in Gloss Black—an easy and effective way to enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle.

BMW 3 Series F30 4-door Sedan
BMW 3 Series F31 5-door Wagon
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