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F30 M3 Style Rear Bumper

F30 M3 Style Rear Bumper

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Revamp the rear end of your F30 3 Series Sedan (2012-2019) with The Bimmer Club's F30 M3 Style Rear Bumper. Whether you're aiming for a unique and distinctive look or need to replace the existing rear bumper, this M3 Style option is the ideal solution.


The F30 M3 Style Rear Bumper is designed to fit seamlessly on F30 3 Series Sedans produced between 2012 and 2019. It offers a sleek and sporty appearance, transforming the rear aesthetics of your vehicle.

Upgrade Your F30:

Elevate your F30's visual appeal with the M3 Style Rear Bumper, providing a touch of high-performance aesthetics. This bumper is a great choice for those seeking a more aggressive and unique appearance.

Quality Construction:

Crafted with durability in mind, this rear bumper is constructed from high-quality materials to withstand daily driving conditions. The robust build ensures long-lasting enhancement to your F30's exterior.

Professional Installation Recommended:

To achieve the best fit and alignment, professional installation is highly recommended. This ensures that the M3 Style Rear Bumper is securely and precisely attached, giving your F30 a factory-like finish.

Transform your F30's rear-end aesthetics with The Bimmer Club's F30 M3 Style Rear Bumper. Whether you're pursuing a distinctive look or a replacement with a performance-oriented design, this rear bumper promises to enhance the overall appeal of your F30.

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