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F30 / F80 GTS OLED Style Tail Lights

F30 / F80 GTS OLED Style Tail Lights

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Transform the rear end of your F30 3 Series Sedan or F80 M3 with The Bimmer Club's F30/F80 GTS OLED Style Tail Lights, now proudly supplied by VLAND. Elevate your BMW's aesthetics with these stunning and aggressive tail lights that boast a heritage-inspired GTS design.


Designed to work seamlessly with both Pre LCI and LCI F30 and F80 vehicles, these tail lights bring a unique and aggressive display to your BMW.

Plug and Play:

Enjoy a hassle-free installation with these direct plug-and-play tail lights. No coding is required, making the upgrade process straightforward. Professional installation is recommended to ensure optimal results.

GTS Heritage Design:

The GTS design is a tribute to BMW's heritage, and now it's available for your F30 or F80. The aggressive styling, bright white LED backup lights, and unique startup sequence set your vehicle apart from the rest.

V2 Style Option:

Choose the V2 style for a distinctive look with 4 blades on the inner tail light instead of 5. Experience a slightly different startup sequence for added customization.

OEM + Appearance:

The "smoked" finish, reminiscent of the M4 GTS tail lights, provides an OEM + appearance. These lights not only look great but are also bright, ensuring visibility on the road.

Affordable Upgrade:

At a fraction of the cost of OEM M4 GTS tail lights, these GTS OLED Style Tail Lights offer an affordable way to enhance the rear aesthetics of your BMW.


A minimal flickering during startup is normal and part of the system's bulb check. These tail lights are for off-road use only. While no warranty, exchange, or return is offered on this item, rest assured that The Bimmer Club stands firm behind its quality.

Transform your F30 or F80 with The Bimmer Club's GTS OLED Style Tail Lights, combining heritage design with modern performance and style. Stand out on the road and make a bold statement with this distinctive upgrade.

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