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F Series Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

F Series Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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Revitalize the interior of your F Series BMW with The Bimmer Club's Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel—a meticulous and stylish upgrade designed to complement your high-performance vehicle.

Enhanced Interior Aesthetics:

Having already turned heads with your exterior upgrades, it's time to elevate your interior aesthetics. The F Series Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel adds a touch of performance and style to your interior, completing the masterpiece that is your BMW.

Professional Installation Recommended:

To ensure a precise fit and optimal performance, professional installation is strongly recommended for all parts. Trust in skilled technicians to seamlessly integrate the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel into your vehicle, guaranteeing a flawless result.


Please be aware that this steering wheel does not include the airbag or controls. Everything will be transferred from your original steering wheel to maintain functionality and safety.


Specifically crafted for M Sport variants, this Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel is compatible with the following BMW models and years:

F30 / F31 3 Series (M Sport Only) - 2012-2019

F32 / F33 / F36 4 Series (M Sport Only) - 2012-2019

F22 2 Series (M Sport Only) - 2012-2019

F80 M3 / F82 & F83 M4 - 2012-2019

F87 M2 - 2014-2017

Upgrade your driving experience with The Bimmer Club's Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel for F Series BMWs. Enjoy the perfect blend of performance and style as you cruise in a meticulously crafted and enhanced interior. Elevate your BMW masterpiece with this exquisite addition that signifies attention to detail and a commitment to a high-performance driving experience.

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