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E9x V2 LED Dynamic Side Markers - Smoked White / Amber

E9x V2 LED Dynamic Side Markers - Smoked White / Amber

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Upgrade your E9x BMW with The Bimmer Club's V2 LED Dynamic Side Markers in Smoked White/Amber—a quick and stylish solution to replace the bland and unattractive stock side markers.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Say goodbye to the dull and unappealing yellow stock side markers. Elevate the appearance of your E9x with these sleek and blacked-out sequential side markers that add a touch of sophistication and style to your vehicle.

Quick and Easy Installation:

Upgrade your side markers in just 5 minutes. The installation process is user-friendly and straightforward, allowing you to enjoy the enhanced aesthetics without any hassle.

LED Dynamic Technology:

Experience a modern touch with LED dynamic technology that not only improves visibility but also adds a dynamic and eye-catching element to your vehicle. The smoked white or amber combination enhances the overall aesthetics, creating a distinctive look on the road.

Sequential Functionality:

These side markers feature a sequential lighting function, providing a unique and attention-grabbing effect. Stand out from the crowd with a dynamic and modern lighting solution that sets your E9x apart.

Transform the look of your E9x with The Bimmer Club's V2 LED Dynamic Side Markers. Upgrade to these smoked white/amber side markers for a quick and impactful improvement in both style and functionality. Enjoy the modern aesthetics and sequential lighting while bidding farewell to the mundane stock side markers.

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