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Genuine BMW

E9x N54 Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit (Genuine BMW)

E9x N54 Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit (Genuine BMW)

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Introducing the Genuine BMW E9x N54 Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit, meticulously hand-selected by The Bimmer Club: Optimal Cooling and Genuine Performance

If your car was not optioned with a factory oil cooler, this kit will give you every thing needed to retrofit one. 

Unlock the true potential of your E9x N54-powered vehicle with the Genuine BMW Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit, a carefully curated offering brought to you by The Bimmer Club. As a trusted authority in the world of BMW enthusiasts, we have meticulously hand-selected this kit to ensure the highest standards of quality, performance, and authenticity. Prepare to experience unparalleled cooling efficiency and engine protection, backed by the renowned expertise of both Genuine BMW and The Bimmer Club.

Key Features:

1. Genuine BMW Quality:

As an official BMW product, this retrofit kit embodies the exceptional engineering and quality synonymous with the brand. Each component in the kit bears the Genuine BMW logo, assuring you of precise fitment, durability, and performance.

2. Enhanced Cooling Performance:

The Genuine BMW Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit is specifically designed to address the challenges of excessive heat. It incorporates an OEMOEM oil cooler that effectively dissipates heat, ensuring lower operating temperatures for your engine. By efficiently reducing oil temperatures, the kit mitigates the risk of oil breakdown and safeguards critical engine components.

3. Meticulous Selection:

Handpicked by The Bimmer Club, this kit represents the best-in-class offering for E9x N54 enthusiasts. Our dedicated team of BMW experts has rigorously evaluated and chosen each component to meet our uncompromising standards of quality and performance.

4. Seamless Integration:

Engineered to be a direct fit for E9x N54 models, the Genuine BMW Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit seamlessly integrates into your vehicle's existing oil cooling system. With precision-crafted brackets, fittings, and hoses, installation is straightforward, requiring no extensive modifications.

5. Longevity and Reliability:

BMW's commitment to quality means that every component in this retrofit kit is built to withstand the rigors of demanding driving conditions. Constructed from premium materials, they offer exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and heat tolerance, ensuring long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

6. Genuine Performance Enhancement:

By maintaining optimal oil temperatures, the Genuine BMW Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit unlocks a range of performance benefits. Cooler oil leads to improved engine efficiency, reduced power loss caused by excessive heat, and enhanced overall performance. This makes it an invaluable upgrade for vehicles subjected to high-stress driving scenarios, such as track days or spirited driving.


Invest in the Genuine BMW E9x N54 Oil Cooler Retrofit Kit, exclusively hand-selected by The Bimmer Club. Elevate your driving experience with this meticulously curated kit, guaranteed to deliver the utmost in cooling performance, genuine BMW engineering, and the endorsement of The Bimmer Club—a true testament to its quality and value. Drive with confidence, knowing that you have a handpicked product backed by both BMW and The Bimmer Club's unwavering commitment to excellence.


This Kit Includes:





Hex Bolt - M6x20



Torx Screw - M8x25



Oil Cooler Thermostat Housing With Thermostat



Screw Plug






Oil Cooler



Oil Cooler Pipe - Feed



Oil Cooler Pipe - Return



Hose Clamp



Oil Filter Housing - With Cap



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