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E92 / E93 M - Style Front Lip (Pre-LCI)

E92 / E93 M - Style Front Lip (Pre-LCI)

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Enhance the sporty aesthetics of your Pre-LCI E92 or E93 (07-10) with The Bimmer Club's E92/E93 M-Style Front Lip—an unbeatable option for owners seeking a budget-friendly yet impactful visual upgrade.

Exclusive Pre-LCI Design:

Tailored specifically for Pre-LCI models (07-10), our E92/E93 M-Style Front Lip ensures a perfect fit, accentuating the distinctive features of your vehicle. This exclusive design is crafted to provide a dynamic and sporty look.

Best Bang for Your Buck:

For all Pre-LCI E92/E93 owners, this front lip is the best bang for your buck. Enjoy a sporty appearance at a fraction of the cost, allowing you to achieve a standout look without compromising on quality.

Sporty Aesthetics:

The M-Style Front Lip delivers a sporty aesthetic that transforms the front profile of your E92 or E93, giving it a dynamic edge. Elevate your vehicle's appearance with this cost-effective visual upgrade.

Professional Installation Recommended:

While the installation is user-friendly, we highly recommend professional installation to ensure a secure and precise fit. Professional technicians will guarantee that the front lip enhances your vehicle's look seamlessly.

Unpainted for Customization:

The E92/E93 M-Style Front Lip comes unpainted, providing you with the flexibility to customize the color according to your preferences. This allows for a personalized touch that suits your unique style.

Upgrade your Pre-LCI E92 or E93 with The Bimmer Club's E92/E93 M-Style Front Lip—an affordable and stylish solution that delivers a sporty aesthetic without breaking the bank. Make a statement on the road and transform your vehicle's appearance today.

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