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E90 M3 Style Rear Bumper

E90 M3 Style Rear Bumper

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Transform the rear profile of your BMW E90 3 Series Sedan (2005-2011) with The Bimmer Club's E90 M3 Style Rear Bumper—an unparalleled upgrade that brings sporty sophistication to your ride.

Key Features:

Quad Cut-Out Diffuser: Elevate your E90's aesthetic with our exclusive rear bumper, featuring a quad cut-out diffuser. This design element adds a dynamic and sporty touch to your vehicle, ensuring a noticeable transformation in its appearance.

Exhaust Tip Placement Note:

Achieving precise exhaust tip placement may require modification to your factory or aftermarket exhaust. Consult with your local Muffler/Performance shop for expert assistance in achieving the perfect installation, ensuring both functionality and style.

Tow Hook Cover Included:

Our E90 M3 Style Rear Bumper comes complete with a tow hook cover, adding convenience to the upgrade process. This thoughtful inclusion ensures a cohesive and polished look for your enhanced rear profile.

Professional Installation Recommended:

To guarantee a secure fit and flawless appearance, we highly recommend professional installation. Equipping these products may involve the removal of existing parts, and skilled technicians will ensure a seamless integration with your vehicle.

Compatibility Note:

Specifically designed for BMW E90 3 Series Sedans (2005-2011), our M3 Style Rear Bumper ensures perfect compatibility and a precise fit, aligning seamlessly with your vehicle's unique features.

Elevate your driving experience today with The Bimmer Club's E90 M3 Style Rear Bumper. Experience the perfect fusion of style and performance, making a bold statement on the road.

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