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CSF F3X N55 High performance intercooler

CSF F3X N55 High performance intercooler

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The F2X F3X N55 CSF high performance intercooler is now available. Made to be plug and play. 

CSF is a leader in automotive cooling technology, with over a half-century of experience. Using that knowledge, they have developed this high-performance radiator that far surpasses the abilities of the stock unit. Starting with a two-row, triple-pass design for the coolest temperatures possible, this radiator features high-quality CNC-machined brackets and hardware. To finish it off, each radiator is hand polished to a mirror finish for that show-car shine. Best of all, it fits like the stock part, requiring no modifications for installation. If you're serious about performance, upgrade your radiator with this quality part from CSF.

Note: May require a tune to prevent check engine lights. This radiator does such a good job of keeping your BMW cool, that the ECU might think it's running too cool!

  • Stepped Core Design for Maximum Surface Area Contact and Internal Intake Air-Flow Volume
  • Largest “Drop-in Fit” Intercooler Available in the Industry
  • Designed with 3D Scanning/Rapid Prototype Technology to Ensure Precise Fitment and Maximum Surface Area Utilization
  • Lab Tested in CSF’s In-House Wind Tunnel
  • Rounded Front Face Bar/Plate Design for Optimized Airflow Through the Core*
  • “Drop-in Fit” Design for an Easy & Quick Plug-and-Play Installation, Complete with OEM Style “Quick-Connect” Inlet/Outlet Connections
  • Fully Reversible Back to OEM Spec With No Modifications Needed
  • Available in Silver (#8115) and Matte Black (#8115B)
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Fits: BMW F30, F32, F22, F87 M235i, M2, 328i, 428i, 335i, 435i, N55
  • ~40*F Drop in Temperatures When Compared to the OEM Intercooler After Multiple Repeated Runs
  • Power Increase of 15-20 HP on Stock Cars, 25+ HP on Modified Vehicles
  • OEM #: 17517600531


CSF #8115 / 8115B

OEM # 17517600531 / 17517600530

Year Model Sub-Model Chassis Code Engine Code
10-19 114d 5 Doors F20 N47N
14-19 114d 5 Doors F20 B37
10-15 114i 5 Doors F20 N13
10-15 116d 5 Doors F20 N47N
14-19 116d 5 Doors F20 B37
10-15 116i 5 Doors F20 N13
10-15 118d(X) 5 Doors F20 N47N
14-19 118d(X) 5 Doors F20 B47
10-19 118i 5 Doors F20 N13
10-15 120d(X) 5 Doors F20 N47N
14-19 120i 5 Doors F20 N13
11-16 M135i(X) 5 Doors F20 N55
10-19 114d 3 Doors F21 N47N
14-19 114d 3 Doors F21 B37
10-15 114i 3 Doors F21 N13
10-15 116d 3 Doors F21 N47N
14-19 116d 3 Doors F21 B37
10-15 116i 3 Doors F21 N13
10-15 118d(X) 3 Doors F21 N47N
14-19 118d(X) 3 Doors F21 B47
10-15 118i 3 Doors F21 N13
10-15 120d(X) 3 Doors F21 N47N
14-19 120i 3 Doors F21 N13
11-16 M135i(X) 3 Doors F21 N55
12-17 218d Coupe F22 N47N
12-19 218d Coupe F22 B47
12-17 220d Coupe F22 N47N
12-17 220i Coupe F22 N20
12-16 M235i(X) Coupe F22 N55
14-19 218d Convertible F23 B47
14-17 220i Convertible F23 N20
14-16 M235i(X) Convertible F23 N55
14-18 M2 Coupe F87 N55
11-15 316d Sedan F30 N47N
11-18 316d Sedan F30 B47
11-15 316i Sedan F30 N13
11-15 318d(X) Sedan F30 N47N
14-18 318d(X) Sedan F30 B47
11-18 320d(X) Sedan F30 N47N
11-15 320i(X) Sedan F30 N20
11-18 320i Sedan F30 N13
11-15 335i(X) Sedan F30 N55
11-15 Hybrid 3 Sedan F30 N55
11-15 316d Touring F31 N47N
11-19 316d Touring F31 B47
11-15 316i Touring F31 N13
11-15 318d(X) Touring F31 N47N
14-19 318d(X) Touring F31 B47
11-19 320d(X) Touring F31 N47N
11-15 320i Touring F31 N20
11-15 335i(X) Touring F31 N55
12-16 318d Gran Tourismo F34 N47N
12-19 318d Gran Tourismo F34 B47
12-16 320d(X) Gran Tourismo F34 N47N
12-16 320i(X) Gran Tourismo F34 N20
12-16 335i(X) Gran Tourismo F34 N55
12-17 418d Coupe F32 B47
12-17 420d(X) Coupe F32 N47N
12-17 420i(X) Coupe F32 N20
13-16 420d Coupe F32 N47N
12-16 435i(X) Coupe F32 N55
13-16 435i(X) Convertible F33 N55
13-17 418d Gran Coupe F36 N47N
12-19 418d Gran Coupe F36 B47
12-17 420d(X) Gran Coupe F36 N47N
12-17 420i(X) Gran Coupe F36 N20
13-16 435i(X) Gran Coupe F36 N55
MS BMW M235i Racing Coupe N55

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