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A90 Supra Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

A90 Supra Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel

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Introducing the A90 Supra Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel by The Bimmer Club

A masterpiece of craftsmanship, luxury, and performance tailored for the discerning driver. Expertly crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this steering wheel seamlessly fuses aesthetics with functionality, delivering an unparalleled driving experience every time you grasp its ergonomic contours.

Premium Carbon Fiber Construction:

Constructed with top-tier carbon fiber, this steering wheel boasts a lightweight yet sturdy design that not only enhances performance but also elevates the interior aesthetics of your A90 Supra.

Ergonomic Design:

Engineered with the driver in mind, its ergonomic shape ensures optimal grip and comfort, minimizing fatigue during extended drives while offering precise control in every maneuver.

Two Options:

Tailored to your liking, you can pick Genuine Italian Alcantara or High End Perforated Leather

Easy Installation:

Engineered for straightforward installation, this steering wheel serves as a direct replacement for your factory wheel, guaranteeing a perfect fit and compatibility with your A90 Supra. Just swap over ALL controls and Airbag. 

Why settle for the ordinary when you can indulge in the extraordinary? Elevate your A90 Supra with the Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel by The Bimmer Club and experience a transformative driving journey marked by excellence, performance, and style. Secure yours today and redefine what it means to drive in luxury and comfort!

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