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Liqui Moly

6 Cylinder Additive Kit (Step 1) - Liqui Moly

6 Cylinder Additive Kit (Step 1) - Liqui Moly

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At The Bimmer Club, we prioritize preventive maintenance and believe it is crucial for vehicle owners to do the same.

Through thorough research, we have identified commonly overlooked maintenance items and curated a kit specifically designed to help owners maximize the value of their vehicles while safeguarding their investment.

This particular kit is tailored for modern 6-cylinder gasoline engines, including both direct-injected and non-direct-injected engines, commonly found in various European vehicles within the US market. We have carefully selected products that synergistically work together to provide the highest level of protection for your vehicle.

The kit includes the following components:

2x - LM2037 Pro-Line Engine Flush: This engine flush effectively cleans the internal components of the engine, aiding in the removal of accumulated dirt and sludge. Simply pour one bottle for every 5 liters of oil and allow the vehicle to idle for 10-13 minutes (DO NOT DRIVE THE VEHICLE!). Proceed by draining the oil, replacing the oil filter, and adding fresh oil from Liqui Moly. The recommended filling quantity of this product is suitable for oil capacities of up to 10 liters. Please administer accordingly.

2x - LM20002 CERA TEC oil additive: CERA TEC provides a protective ceramic coating to the moving parts that come into contact with your oil. This coating helps mitigate wear and scoring on components such as cams, cylinder walls, and rod bearings. Additionally, it reduces friction once the engine has been treated (coating occurs within 700 miles). Add one bottle of CERA TEC for every 5 liters of oil. Please note that CERA TEC has a milky appearance, and during cold engine conditions, it may resemble excess water, which is normal. CERA TEC is designed to be used every 5th oil change or every 25,000 miles. The recommended filling quantity of this product is suitable for oil capacities of up to 10 liters. Please administer accordingly.

1x - LM2030 Fuel System Cleaner: This potent fuel system cleaner effectively maintains the optimal condition of your fuel system, from the low-pressure pump to the high-pressure pump and injectors. It is specifically formulated to clean injectors and minimize carbon deposits. It is recommended to use the Fuel System Cleaner every 20,000-25,000 miles to keep the system fresh. 

To ensure your engine enjoys a clean and trouble-free life, it is recommended to use this kit in conjunction with the Step 2 kit, which can be found [HERE].
Please note that if you are changing oil types or manufacturers, we recommend starting with the Step 2 kit to establish a proper baseline by cleaning the engine and then sealing it with CERA TEC.

This 6 Cylinder Additive Kit (Step 1) by Liqui Moly represents the initial step in preparing your engine for proper care. Subsequent Step 2 kits should be used for each oil change between the 25,000-mile intervals.

We invite you to explore the benefits of this kit and take proactive measures to ensure the longevity and performance of your engine.

This Kit Includes:

Qty Part SKU Brand
2 Pro-Line Engine Flush MOL-LM2037 Liqui moly logo
2 Cera Tec Engine Oil Additive MOL-LM20002 Liqui moly logo
1 Fuel System Cleaner MOL-LM2030 Liqui moly logo

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