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14mm 12 Point Spark Plug Socket With Long Extension

14mm 12 Point Spark Plug Socket With Long Extension

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BMW started using a newer design spark plug with direct injected turbocharged engines. The new spark plug and ignition design require a specific spark plug tool. This thin walled, 14mm, 12 point spark plug socket has been designed to fit in the narrow spark plug tube as well as safely remove the spark plug from the cylinder head.

Never attempt to remove a spark plug with a traditional spark plug socket from any of the applications in our application guide. Even if the spark plug socket fits in the tube the traditional hex style spark plug socket will strip the spark plug rendering it impossible to remove.


14mm thin-wall 12-point socket

Features a swivel square-drive to access hard to reach spark plugs

Rubber insert holds plug

15-20° max swivel range

3/8" Drive

8.7" (22cm) long

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